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Indoor Seating and Fireplaces @ Hacienda del Lago

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It may be rainy and miserable outside due to Patricia, but we have made room for more tables inside as well as our outdoor covered seating. If it gets cooler we will get the fireplaces going as well. Patricia can't stop us from having a great weekend.

Privado Ocampo 1(corner with Ocampo) LOTS of parking

Ajijic Centro

Reservation 376-766-0685 or online at https://www.seatme.yelp.com/r/hacienda-del-lago/


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They aren't downtown, oh but you are.

We are on Ocampo and Privada Ocampo between Aquiles Sarden and 5 de Febrero. A couple of blocks before the usual waterfall streets begin.


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