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Any One Interested Forming a group to Study Mindfulness, chi gong, moving meditation


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Doing specific exercises and meditations that increase Vagal tone gives you

Better immunity

Improves short term memory

Better visual acuity

increased social connections

and combined with whole brain exercises, chi gong. and laughing

we will have a lot of fun enjoying higher state of wellness

Feel the difference in 45 minutes.

come join us..

What is vagal tone?
Vagal tone relates to the vagus nerve. This tenth’s cranial nerve’s origin is in the lower portion of the brainstem – in an area called the medulla. This region of the brain controls many of the body’s the autonomic functions, including those of the blood vessels, the heart, the digestive tract and the lungs.

In other words, our respiratory health, our digestive health and our respiratory health is closely tied to the activities of the vagus nerve.

This is because the vagus nerve descends from the brainstem down through the neck and heart and lung region through the thorax and down to the diaphragm. Here it regulates the rhythms of digestion – called peristalsis.

For these reasons, better vagal tone is linked with better overall health.

In the study, from researchers at the University of North Carolina and the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, 65 men and women were divided into two groups. For two months, one group was guided through loving-kindness meditation and the other group was put on a waiting list.

Both groups were examined with regard to their vagal tone at the beginning and compared vagal tone with the intervention group and the control group – the ‘waiting list’ group.

The research found the meditation significantly increased vagal tone.

The researchers also found the effect was increased through social connections. With increased social connections came increased vagal tone. Even those with greater vagal tone in the beginning of the study had increases in the vagal tone after undergoing the meditation and applying it within their social connections.

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