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Victor Youcha underneath sky gym in the little mall at Carraterra and Tempesque in Ajijic two block west of colon on north side of highway. I do disclose he is my friend. Very gentle Chiropractor. Adjust my back from the ribs in front. Funny guy. Good egg. I wouldn't go to any other. Much training in reading Xrays. More than normal doctors. I would say he is much more than a Chiropractor. Stays current. Just went to some lectures a week or two ago. He teaches his skills in Mexico. Speaks fluent Spanish and English. We are in Oaxaxa in middle of nowhere watching a guy weaving rugs. Victor notices weaver is in pain and talks to him for five minutes and adjusts him. The guys looks at him and says I am going to go take a nap as I have no pain. He was in pain for years from being bent over. I am proud to know Victor and see him at work wherever he is. I should point out I don't like Chiropractors as a profession but I like Victors work!! He is gonna kill me for writing this but I think he is that good. Oh yea he is not normal but I like that in a human !! LOL

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Youcha, definitely. He`s the best here, a technician. Getcha up and running quick. Permanently. And has a sense of humor.

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