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Storage facilities around Ajijic/Chapala? Any Suggestions?

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What kind of storage units/facilities are there around the Ajijic/Chapala area that could store a smallish amount of furniture, tools and general household belongings. Looking at moving to Mexico and shipping some of our stuff down from Ohio early next year.

Any info on monthly storage costs would be particularly useful. Any one have any experience/insights?

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My daughter and I plan to bring things down with us during our "investigation" visits and store them in a storage unit. It will be things like linens. Can we find storage containers locally at reasonable prices? We'll be bringing them down in our suitcases, so will need plastic bins or something. We may later start leaving some clothing. What do you think? Our move is a year or two away, we just thought we would bring things along, as we plan to make 3 - 4 visits before moving.

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If you are going to store fabrics for long periods, you need to seal them in plastic bags and make sure that they have low moisture when you store them.

For 8 months of the year it is dry here but the other 4 months are damp and things will mold. Those bags you can vacuum out and seal will really make a difference with clothes, however they tend to leak over time and re-expand.

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Interesting that it might have a new name, but is the same place that has been in the same location since I last used it in 2001; La Floresta Storage.  It is not in Ajijic, or the fraccionamiento of La Floresta, but nearby in San Antonio Tlayacapan:

Carretera Chapala-Ajijic #40 (Junction with Libramiento) San Antonio Tlayacapan, Chapala, Jalisco. México C.P. 45915

So, when I saw a reference to an Ajijic location, I was puzzled and curious.  But, I was correct.

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