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Anyone Have a Good Weapon for Fighting Mosquitos This Year?

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20 hours ago, hensley said:

I swear by the B-1 also, I take 250mg once a day and haven't had a bite in years. I use to look like I had chicken pox.

Mosquitoes don't seem like they are here yet. I haven't seen any.

 Husband-wife pairs routinely report that they both take vitamin B-1 at the same dosage, and same time ...  

Both are on the same outdoor patios, etc.  yet: One swears  by  the B-1 magic... while the other swears  at  the supposed B-1 magic.

My wife has worked with  Aedes aegypti  mosquitoes for 30 years, and her professional colleagues from around the world routinely say that the combination of each person's body chemistry (sweat, skin pH, temperature, sebum, pheromones) plus that person's individual mix of germs/microbes/bacteria on their skin, in their pores, etc   change the how effective the mosquito repellents work.

,,, This is why each person's feet, pits, & privates smell so different from everyone else's.

30 years of research show that what works *great* for one person, can completely fail for the person sitting beside them.

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I built one of the GOOGLE mosquito traps last year.  (I really do need to get a life) I found the best place to put it was in a far corner of the patio where the wind didn't disturb it. It c

At Soriana you can get a device that you put a small blue strip into and plug into the wall.  We have found it very efficient at keeping our bedroom free of flying critters.  Change the strip daily.  

Husband-wife pairs routinely report that they both take vitamin B-1 at the same dosage, and same time ...   Both are on the same outdoor patios, etc.  yet: One swears  by  the B-1 magic... while th

I have several plants around my terrace that seem to keep away most flies and mosquitoes. I can sit outside undisturbed for hours, until dusk when a mosquito or two will show up. I have 3 mint plants, 3 large basil bushes (4 feet tall and nearly 3 wide)  and a few marigold plants. I have noticed the mosquito coils don't work well here, not like the ones in Thailand anyway. Also, heavy smoke draws flies and maybe mosquitos as well.

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John everett maybe you are like we are , we have yet to be bothered by mosquitoes here.  We do not have any of these plants or other things to fight mosquitoes and we have het to be bitten, I know that one a friend from Oregon stayed with us he was really bothered but we did not notice anything.He wore shorts and short sleeves we do not but that was the only difference.

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Here is the stuff they used as an attractant in Guatemala (the scientist says it contains lactic acid):


$279 Canadian, I don't know much just the juice costs.

Does Amazon deliver? We just had a shipment turned back by DHL Guadalajara because it was a liquid. Liquids are not allowed to fly. It was already in Guadalajara and I'll bet they flew it back for a refund.

The other thing I am not sure on - don't mosquitoes need blood to produce eggs? If so, they have already fed - thats what they are trying to prevent.

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