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Just Chillin' close from Saturday 12 to Wednesday 16

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Hi everyone!!!

Remember TODAY FRIDAY we have the Fun, Dancing group Noe, Paco & Jimmy for those who love to party.

As well we want to let you know that Just Chillin' will be closed... Only from Saturday 12 To Wednesday 16 and coming back Thursday 17. Because we are going to our beautiful Tequisquiapan to celebrate Independence Day! Yei!

So come and see us before for some hugs and also when we return for... More hugs!! lol.

Next week:

On Thursday 17 that we return we will have the great couple Mark and Traci "On the road from Guatemala". Great voice and guitar. Don't miss it!! Last Day before they return!

Friday 18 Noe, Paco and Jimmy for more fun and dancing.

Saturday 19 Indigo and Belen "The lovely girls" romantic songs with a talented voice and guitar!

And why not! Saturday and Sunday 2x1 HOUSE TEQUILA SHOT and $70 BEER BUCKET (5 beers). Only because College Football and NFL already started.

DON'T FORGET!!!! See you this Saturday at THE GLOBO REGATA! At 5pm we will throw our HUGE PENGUIN!! Sooo SEE YOU THERE!

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