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Dra. Karen Gonzalez

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I had my first visit with Dra. Gonzalez today. She is young (maybe early 30s?) and yes, speaks excellent English, almost fluent. She seemed kind, as well as competent and knowledgeable. She answered a long list of questions for me, and stressed that if I have others, she is available via both cell phone and email. Keeps computerized records. MX$200 for a basic checkup and consultation; $500 for a Pap smear.

She is only the second GP I've seen Lakeside but was by far the better experience, and in fact would compare favorably (thus far) with the best doctors I ever had in the States. I feel like I may have hit the doctora jackpot. :D

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On 7/8/2019 at 9:00 AM, Gixellia said:

Great event, enjoyed it 🐵 However, as newcomers to LCS, we encountered very rude behavior by the woman at the ticketed entry to the event inside LCS. We didn't notice her wearing a name tag. We would have appreciated a more curteous way of being informed about what we 'should have done' in order to avoid paying full price. 

Thanks, but no thanks, LCS staff, for your rudeness.


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