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Can anyone suggest how to insure my Mexican vehilce for a trip NOB?

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We were never able to buy more than liability for trips outside of Mexico with our Mexican plated car. So, considering that we had no accidents since my only one in 1954, we played the odds and had a nice trip.

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National Unity sells short-term auto insurance for Mexico-plated vehicles online through segurogringo.com and, in fact, is the same insurance carrier as that offered in Mexico before the US border bridges. You can purchase Combined Single Limits policies up to $300,000 US, including bodily injury and property damage; they have a rider that adds on coverage in Canada.

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On 8/3/2015 at 6:17 PM, Sumofabit said:

My place too only sells liability. Note, get the least coverage offered. It will still be way more than what is required by the states.

Not sure I follow the logic (get the least?? WHY) given that the US is one of the most litigated countries in the world. Are liability insurance claims not generously settled?

In any case I am planning a trip to Canada AND LEAVING SHORTLY. I plan to be gone from Mexico for 4 months.  I'm a permanent resident of Mexico.

I've used Segurogringo in the past. How do or might you compete with them and National Unity?




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