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YES!!! FREE BEER!!! It's true. But as always there is a bit of a catch. If you bring in a packet of diapers for Rosario, Perry will buy you a drink!

Rosario is a little 6 year old girl who lives just around the corner from Perry's who was born blind and totally paralyzed. Diapers are an ongoing expense for the family who are very poor. We are also collecting for a special 'adaptive stroller' for her, so her mom can take her to therapy and medical appointments in Guadalajara several times a week. For more info see: prylett.wix.com/help4rosario

Although she is 6 years old, she has not developed fully and takes a diaper for a 11-12Kg baby. Size 4, or Grande - just check the weight. If you are at Perry's and you want to know where to get diapers, you can get them at Farmacia Guadalajara (on the carretera just up from Perry's) and there's a little corner shop 1/2 block east of Perry's that sells packets. The little shop sells them singly, but you wouldn't want to embarrass yourself by handing one diaper to Perry and expecting a beer, would you? Prices run from about 60 pesos to 160 pesos depending on quantity, style and brand.
It is a fantastic cause so please spread the word and get an incredible pizza from Perry and take advantage of his generosity - bring a pack of diapers and get your free beer. It will never have tasted so good. Cheers.
Perry's Pizza is on Guadalupe Victoria in Ajijic, one block south of the carretera between Aldama and Encarnacion Rosas. From the carretera turn down the street opposite towards the lake - this is Aldama. Take your first right (Guadalupe Victoria) and Perry's is half way down the block. You can't miss it.
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