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Wanted to borrow, rent, purchase... Spanish langage tapes??

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Sent you a PM too.

I have the Pimsleur I - IV series on mp3 if you or anyone is interested. It's a useful addition to an iPod for those who want to learn while they walk.

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Third vote for Duolingo!

Duolingo is wonderful. I took glasses, and have done other sources (tapes)...

But the best for me has been DUOLINGO!

It's free, fun and moves you along at a nice pace!

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You can have my Mexican girlfriend. She is great in bed and looks like a Playboy model but she doesn't make any money, b*tches a lot, does not clean and cannot travel with me anywhere because she has to spend every weekend with her mother.

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4 hours ago, cedros said:

How do you get the microphone for Duolingo?

Doesn‘t your computer have a built-in microphone & camera?  If not, you can buy such things with USB connectivity; maybe at Walmart or Steren.

I agree; Duolingo is excellent !

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