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Centro Cultural Gonzalez Gallo July 12 - 18

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The program for the activitys of the Centro Cultural Gonzalez Gallo (CCGG) for the Cultural Week to finish the semester of the school. (the old train station in Chapala)

In the week between Sunday July 12 to Saturday July 18. Several activities are presented by the School of Artistic Initiation of INBA(National Institute of Fine Arts) who works at the Centro Cultural Gonzalez Gallo, in the afternoons from Tuesday to Saturday. It'sinteresting because they are the future Artists in La Ribera de Chapala. It is a very serious project that is worth encouraging.
So for all the people that likes Music, Painting, Dance and Theater, I´m sending you the program of activities. :
Sunday 12. Around 4:00pm. In the Plaza Principal of Chapala (At the Kiosco) a very, very, very special music event with all the kids,their teachers and some professionals that will support. It is a surprise to every body.

Tuesday 14. At 5:00pm. El entierro del mal humor (The funeral of the bad mood). It is an event of colonial origin where, throughfestive activities and fun, like a colorful parade, music, dancing and joy, we are going to leave back the bad mood.
The parade will begin in Chapala at the COMUDE (next to 7eleven close to the bridge in the entrance of Chapala) will walk all over Av. Francisco Madero up to the Plaza of Chapala and then to the malecón and the lake and in some place of the beach we are going to put a fire and there all the students, teachers, parents, and the people arround that wants to do it will be able to burn a paper that says things that bother you, or you dislike or somber. Also is going to be something different, new arround Chapala. Everyone is invited to participate, if you want to do, go with brightly colored clothes and take your paper to burn and much good humor

Wednesday 15. Begining 5:00pm at the Centro Cultural Gonzalez Gallo (CCGG). various pieces of music performed by music students. A resume of Hansel and Gretel by the students of theater. More music up to 6pm and at 6:10pm the professional theater group El Vagón will present La lente Maravillosa. After: Charla de cafe where people will be able to talk with the artists and drink some coffee.

Thursday 16. 4:45 pm. A nice performance made by the students of interdisciplinary workshop. It is called Plasmando Movimiento. Also some more music and after that another Charla de Cafe with teachers and with a a pianist that will play later. 7:00pmPiano recital with pianist U of G. Uriel Lopez.

Friday 17.Begining at 5:00pm Expo of paintings and performances made by the students of plastic and visual arts. With a little coctail. 6:00pm mural made there by fine plastic arts students. There will be music to accompany the work of these guys. 6:30pm . Graduation ceremony, of the kids that end 6° semester and the school here. After they will work a little more in the Mural with some music. And the coctail.

Saturday 18: All day activity. 11:00 am charcoal drawing workshop, led by students, supported by their teachers, for all public (they are going to have paper and charcoal, everything they need) , at the same time in other area of the Centro Cultural Gonzalez Gallo another workshop called Desarrollo de los sentidos (development of the senses.). 12:00pm conference about how important is music for the kids by Maestra Cecilia Garduño Ochoa (she is teacher in the school there and also in 2 public primary schools in the Ribera). 1:00pm another workshop and fun activity called "Jugando con el Arte". 3:00pm recreational music severalmusicians and games for the kids. At the same time a Theatre presentation, for adults and teen agers only, the work is called Macario and will be make by the teather group of Maestra Rosa María Zpeda Garcia, professional actress from Guadalajara and teacher in the school of the CCGG. 4:00pm presentation of interdisciplinary workshop activities. 6:00pm vocal ensemble Androphono from Guadalajara concert.
During this day everbody is able to take their own lunch and have a picnic in the beautiful garden of the CCGG. We are going to set tables to leave food and drinks, and will have some chairs besides the benches already in the garden. You can go with friends or talkand interact with students, teachers and more in the CCGG.
All these events are free. Of course if some body wants to help to support the events or the school, they can talk with the principal of the school Sergio Unzueta or with me. Everything helps to give better things to these kids.

Also during next week another cultural interest events. Domingo 12, at noon the Virgen de Zapopan will be in the main church (Parroquia de San Franisco) of Chapala, no matter if you are Catholic or no, is interesting for people that likes Mexican customs andcelebrations, because there will have prehispanic style dancers and Mexican food and handcrafts for sell. After that will be the event of the CCGG school in the Plaza , and after that arround 6:15pm at the church yard, presentation of the dance school Desperanto of Chapala. a good school for kids, ( boys and girls from 6 to 18 years).

From Thursday, July 16. at 7:00pm during 8 thursdays, a new cycle of recitals but this time will be PIANO students from the U de G (Guadalajara University). The same than before, every thursday al 7:00pm in the CCGG. Free entrance.

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I just got an email with an update for July 12:

Next Sunday,July 12 in Chapala Malecon TV AZteca is going to have some kind of show for the visit of La Virgen de Zapopan so we have to change the event of the kids of Centro CulturalGonzalez Gallo. It is going to be tha same day,July 12 and in the same place Main Plaza of Chapala but earlyer.is going to be arround 2:30pm.

Thanks Carmen.

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