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Phone calls being disconnected.


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Phone calls today are continuously being disconnected. Anyone else having this problem? We're in San Antonio on the Libramiento.

Could be weather-related, but In all our years of living here we've not experienced conversations being cut off abruptly.

If there's a storm on the way that might explain it, might be time to buy a cell-phone.

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We had a similar problem a few weeks ago - right after a fairly major rain storm. People would call us and be disconnected. When we would try to call out it would seem like it was working but then we would get a busy signal. Every once in a while we would get a call to work - incoming or outgoing - but with lots of static and buzzing.

Went to Telmex in person. They said 5-6 days but a technician called a few hours later. When he called we stayed connected and could hearhim but we could hear another conversation on the line as well as a buzzing noise. He seemed to try a few things but said it would be fixed in the morning. About noon he called again and asked if it was "fixed", We had the same problems - another conversation and buzzing. He put us on hold a couple of times and then magic - it was fixed.

Not sure exactly what the problem was or what he did to fix it. So go to Telmex, be prepared to be patient (we are in Mexico) but most likely they will get it taken care of quickly.

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