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Hey Family! How are you??? We missed you, but guess what?!?!?!..... We are back!!!

We will re-open on friday 26 of June with more energy and more enthusiasm and of course with more hugs and love!!!!

We also are going to have more surprises and a different touch in the menu, the same staff and the same PLASTIC CHAIRS ... jajajaja Cause we love it.

Thanks to everybody... We send you an over friendly hug.

From Chillin' Kids.??????

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Not sure about the hugs... but love the food! ^_^

Bunk! You LOVE the hugs AND the food....so do we. Welcome back Carlos, Paulina and Renee. We MISSED you. I have to admit that I went and got a hug from Noel and Eli at LCS though to tide me over....the deprivation level was getting dangerously high.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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