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need address or directions to Oscar's upholstery shop in Chapala

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Go east on Morelos, from the main intersection in Chapala. At the end, turn left and continue until you see his shop on your right. It has a sign painted alongside the entrance. Upholstery=Tapiceria.

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Just be aware that the street (Ave. Cristianía) is torn up on Oscar's side of the road right now and you'll be driving up the newly completed west side of the road which is carrying traffic both ways presently. You can jog over to his (east) side at Degollado (2nd intersection up) still as they've not gone north of that street yet.

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I posted this elsewhere but just in case this is the only place you look:  There is NO sign.  His address is Gonzalez Gallo #16.  As of today, the front is a light blue color.  It is directly across from Flavio Romero (street) which ends at Gonzalez Gallo.  Gonzalez Gallo is the same street on which you will find the Red Cross (Cruz Roja), so an easy way to get there from Ajijic, San Antonio and Riberas is to turn right at the fountain as you enter Chapala, then turn left on the street that runs above the Malecon.  Turn left on Gonzalez Gallo and follow it to #16, which is past the park and before the Train Station and Roundabout.  #16 is on the lakeside.  Oscar is backed up with work but can do cushions faster than upholstery right now.  Apparently, he lost an assistant and is doing it all on his own at the moment.  The number 765 2366 is correct but he will answer only during working hours: 10-2 and 4-6 weekdays. 

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