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Cat Shelter in Riberas HELP! An overflow of CATS

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Cat Shelter in Riberas HELP! An overflow of CATS

The Cat Shelter in Riberas has record high of 58 adult cats and kittens. The adoption rate is the lowest ever and in the “kitten season” (spring) we accepted a record high number of orphaned kittens. Currently we have 24 kittens that are 3 months old or less.

The adult cats are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and certified as healthy. There is no adoption fee on cats who are over a year old. These young juvenile cats make great pets. They are socialized, gentle and already have a personality. These young ones make a terrific companion and they will be very grateful to have a forever home.

If you prefer a kitten, there is a lot to choose from, the kittens are cute but also they require a lot of work.

Call today at the Carretera on the way to Chapala #212 Riberas del Pillar, just before the Catholic Church. Our open hours are Monday through Saturday 10-2:00. Closed Sunday.

Please open your heart and give a kitty a happy home and you will be glad you did.

For cats photos and information and shelter news visit our Facebook page Lakeside Friends of the Animals https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lakeside-Friends-of-the-Animals/347757175420328?fref=ts

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