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It's one of the easiest pieces of bureaucracy l've had to do. I went to the INM office, the agent called up the form I needed to use on his computer, I filled it out online, brought it back in, and 10 days later got an email saying it was accepted and nothing further required.

You can skip the 1st trip to the office if you know what form to fill out online, which I wasn't sure of at the time.

But as I recall, there was also a letter I had to submit with the form, and the agent gave me a sample of what to write on the first trip.

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Went to INM today with an address change.  They would not accept my letter of old and new address and instructed me there is now a form "escrite bajo protesta" on the same website.  I can't find it.  Does anyone know how to find this form letter?  Thanks in advance. 

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When I got my jab in Chapala, one of my forms was outdated. They printed me out a new one, just like that, at the entrance to the park. What IS it with this INM office and expats? It would have taken them all of 30 seconds to help you right then and there. Unfortunately, I can't help you with the address you seek.

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It is on the same website


Letter signed by the foreign person , in which under protest of telling the truth   oath, he / she states the change of marital status, name, nationality, new address or place of work, expressly indicating the previous and the new status or corresponding data as well as the date when the change happened




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