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Iusacell 3G problems

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Just in the last few days, I have started having problems with my cell service. I have Iusacell. Never had issues before. I used to get 3G service all over town. Now I am not getting it anywhere lakeside.

Thought maybe it was my phone since it's an iPhone 4s. But my mom, who has he 5s is having the same problem, too.

Also, CFE replaced a transformer pole in el centro next to cafe del arbol on Friday. When the power goes out, I lose cell reception completely. Someone said the repeater for their cell tower must be on that grid? I know nothing about this type of thing.

Just wondering if others are having problems, too?

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No problems at all.

Did you restart your phone? Normaly that can fix it. Anyway, you can call from your celphone to the *611 number. They will help you. Somebody who speaks spanish must help you to do the call.

I have now found four people having this problem. It's strange. I speak Spanish, so I can call, but will be up near a service center tomorrow and would rather go in person.

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