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Memory Minders Exercise class for caregivers May 27th 11am Maria Isabel Restaurant

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Memory Minders Exercise Class


Local resident Karin Miles was recently diagnosed with vascular dementia, and chose to be proactive. She started a group for caregivers and others called memory minders. One of the first activities is an exercise class by Wayne Renz. Who is also the commodore of the kayak club. The class is free.
The class will meet for the second time May 27th 11am Maria Isabel restaurant (old posada) and everyone is invited to stay for lunch and ask questions of what they experienced during class. The class will continue every Wednesday 11 AM all caregivers and friends who are overwhelmed (burned out) our welcome to come and get refreshed in a social exercise class. Wayne will lead attendees through fun, easy and creative body and brain exercises designed to maintain and improve vitality and memory.
Devoted to easy beginner exercises the help the immune system, cultivate energy and nurture the body. Sharing hugs is important component too.

"Exercise is one of the best stress-relievers for both the memory loss person and you, the caregiver. Regular walking, movement, or seated exercises can have a positive effect on many problem behaviors, such as aggression, wandering, and difficulty sleeping."
Persons in wheel chairs are welcome and those who need to sit while exercising.

Please show up at 10:55 to sign in. Maria Isabel restaurant is at the bottom of colon, on the left, just east of the Ajijic Malecon. We will meet under the big trees on the east patio in front of the restaurant, after class will meet for lunch.
Wednesday at lunch we will discuss the anatomy of breathing; in the class I teach there is no right or wrong way of breathing during class. When the tone of your intercostals, diaphragm muscles, our fine your correct natural breathing happens during exercise like yoga, Pilates, stretching etc.
If you attend class. Please be helpful to any disabled person who may attend and sit with them during lunch and have a conversation with them.
If it rains exercise will be indoors.

I would like to thank Leonardo and Adriana Cornejo owners of Maria Isabel restaurant for being so kind to allow to have use of the unique beautiful space.
They are very supportive of the memory group, The restaurant was named after their grandmother Maria Isabel

Link to ojo del lago article on class


Contact Memory Minders staff to find out more of her meditation classes, and Memory Minders meetings for persons and caretakers experiencing memory loss


Memory Minders staff:
Karin Miles, Founder; Amara Brouwers, Director; Valerie Rhoda,Supervising counselor; Keith Coates, Caregiver Liaison; Tish Wagoner, Secretary.

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This every Wednesday 11am to 12 then lunch 12 to 1pm

come join us or refer someone

may 27th lunch topic the anatomy of breathing

jun 3 topic mastication chewing food

Jun 11 th topic smell

each lunch sharing will have different topic as requested by the attendees of the class

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