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Need most current requirements for pets arriving by air

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Will be bringing my dog and cats into Mexico in fall, and need to know what the latest is on requirements for vaccinations, etc, for arrival by plane. Someone had posted a link to the SAGARPA website on this subject, and though that page was in English, the links supplied therein to open the specific regulations were all in Spanish! go figure.

Does anyone have that information in English? Specifically, the requirements for what vaccinations and proof of general health and being parasite-free, as well as proof of ownership if that is also required. I flew my cats in 5 years ago with all documentation including current inspection certificates from my vet and Canada Agricultural Inspection agency- though they told me no one had ever come to them asking for this! yet despite that, I was stopped on entry and a big fiasco ensued, wherein the officials insisted I did not have the correct paperwork and I would need to wait for the agricultural official to show up.... they later told me I could opt for the easy way which involved payment of a 'fee' which they took out in the parking lot where they wheeled my cats carriers to..... I do not want to go through this again.

All suggestions appreciated! Thanks.

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