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Summer Menu - Hacienda del Lago

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We are excited about our summer menu and hope you are too.

Reservations by phone at 766-0685

Reservations by email at Reservations online at THIS LINK

Open Thursday - Saturday noon - 11pm and Sunday Brunch from 10 am until 4 pm.

Latin Fusion Cuisine


This summer the restaurant at Hacienda del Lago is expanding out Traditional Mexican menu to include dishes from all around Latin America. As always we only use the freshest seasonally available local ingredients.

To fully experience the elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, unique to Hacienda del Lago, we recommend reservations and that you allow time to enjoy the experience.


Thursday - Saturday 12 pm -11 pm

Sunday 10 am - 4 pm


Telephone: 367-766-0685

Email: sales@haciendadellagoajijic.com

Gourmet Taqueria


12:00 - 3:00 pm Pick Three + Margarita $99

Hand made tortillas and served with a side of Pico de Gallo

Extra thick handmade tortillas with the filling of your choice topped with lettuce,crème and fresh cheese

Extra thick handmade tortilla “pocket” fried and stuffed your choice of filling

Order of three 90
each 35

Choose from our extensive selection of traditional and gourmet options:

  • Chicken
  • Tuna Chorizo
  • Chicharrón Prensado
  • Beans and Cheese Curds
  • Duck Confit with Mole
  • Chicken with Chipotle
  • Roasted Pepper, Garlic, Onion & Corn
  • Chorizo
  • Fish Pastor
  • Chicken with Poblano crème

Plates To Share

Mini Tortas Ahogadas de Pato (3)

Order of three mini Tortas Ahogadas, traditional of Jalisco Crunchy role field with duck confit and “drowned” in traditional tomato and arbol chile sauce.


Tuétano, "Mexican Foie Gras"

Beef bone marrow broiled and served in served with hand made tortillas, onion, green chillies, cilantro and esquites, traditional Mexican stewed corn.


Tacos de Jicama (3)

Thinly sliced jicama, instead of tortilla, filled with hibiscus flowers and goat cheese.



Traditional guacamole topped with watermelon and fresh cheese.


Argentine Empanadas

Traditional flaky baked empanadas served with chimichurri.

lamb, criollo chicken, & blue cheese with caramelised onion

30 pesos each

3 for 80

Tabasco Oysters (seasonal)

Fresh oysters broiled in the half shell with butter, garlic, lime, parsley, salt and a touch of Tabasco sauce

Order of 6 - 90 pesos

Order of 12 - 170 pesos

Selection of Argentine Meats

Argentine Chorizo and Sweat Breads served with chimichuri, chile pasilla sauce & grilled onions


Selection of Arepas

Flat bread, traditional to Venezuela and Colombia, made with maize dough & cooked wheat flour

One each: Chicken avocado salad & Spinach, cheese & pulled beef with black beans, fried & plantain, cheese


Tuna Ceviche

With mango, black olives, avocado, tomato, onion and lime juice with a touch of habanero


Stuffed Avocado

Avocado stuffed with ceviche de sierra, nopales, and aromatic herbs


Four Course Dinner with Wine or Cocktail only $350 Soup, Salad, Main Plate, Dessert & Drink Soup

Carrot and Cilantro Soup

Roasted carrots, onion, garlic, ginger and coriander


Black Bean Crème

With bacon, almonds, sour cream and a touch of epazote



Hacienda del Lago Salad

Mixed organic greens with panela cheese, mango, dried cranberries, toasted walnuts and house-made mango-habanero dressing


E Tu Brute

Our modern take on the classic Caesar Salad. Whole baby romaine lettuce heart, grilled and served on a wooden platter with our House-made raspberry Caesar dressing, shaved parmesan and Greek olives served with a knife through the heart, a la Julius Caesar.

Add chicken or Arrachera - 40 pesos


Ensalada de Amantes Latinos

Organic lettuce mix with berries, tomatoes, goat cheese and hibiscus dressing


Main Dishes

Pato Confit en Mole

Locally raised duck served confit and topped with red fruit mole a la tequila.

Arrachera Marinada en Cerveza Obscura

Soft arrachera steak marinated with our dark beer sauce, with a side of potato and chipotle rustic puree and guacamole


Pescado al Pastor

Delicious fish fillet marinated with achiote, with a side of mango and grilled pineapple salad.


Cameron con Salsa de Papaya

Skewer of 6 jumbo shrimp grilled with aromatic herbs and papaya sauce and served with coconut and almond rice.


Rollo de Filet de Res

Beef filet roll filled with carrot, spinach, egg and cheese and topped with meat sauce.


Chuleta Cubana Rellena

Cuban style pork chop stuffed with ham, cheese, bacon, mustard & pickles with papaya-mango mojo sauce. Served with plantain mash and black been purée


Copas de Mofongo Rellenas de Ropa Vieja

Dominican mofongo (plantain and garlic purée) formed into a small bowl and filled with Cuban Ropa Vieja (braised pulled beaf with black beans, rice and plantain).


Pulpo Adobado

Adobado style octopus served garlic aioli and rice


Chile Relleno

Poblano chile stuffed with black bean and plantain with tomato and orange sauce topped with queso fresco


Feijoada Vegetariana

Vegetarian version of the traditional Brazilian stew served with citric fruit garnish and cilantro



Ask your server for the daily dessert options

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