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importing a car help

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There is no incomplete pedimento either one was issued or not, when you need one and dont have one that is when you either have it and are safe or have to pay big $$$ to get out of trouble.


If their are no obvious signs of fraud and their pedimento appears to be valid, can you explain to our members how they can be sure that this is the case? I think many continue to be uncertain about this..

Thank you.

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The method posted said the pedimento was being held, aduana doesnt hold them, they issues them there either is one and is in their system or there isnt one. If you paid to nationalize your car and received a pedimento dated before you paid the person then it is fake or cloned and not valid. I have quite a library of fake pedimentos. These were sold by 2 gringos in Ajijic, names beginning with M and G. also the lady at the airport and brokers at the airport sold fake pedimentos.

Generally fake pedimentos do not show up on the national vehivle registry, if you search for your car by VIN number on this site then you are generally ok


You are a rock star and all is ok if your car shows up only doing a VIN number search on this site (not all cars show up so not being here doesnt necessarily mean your pedimento is fake although cloned pedimento numbers do check as valid)


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REPUVE takes time to update. The MAJORITY of cars nationalized recently have FAKE papers and you risk arrest and confiscation. My advice is DONT BUY A NATIONALIZED CAR. Many people have spent 20,000 to 50,000 for fake papers. Please it is easier to believe and prove alien life exists than prove your car was nationalized properly. It appears as if nobody is nationalizing properly at the moment locally.

Why risk your car, fines and your freedom for a car worth a few thousand dollars? If you want to then go ahead and sit in a Mexican jail and complain, you have been forewarned.

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This is only part of the story the OP knows nothing about:

  • A USA vehicle is supposed to be exported from the USA before it is imported to México. This is a little known and often overlooked USA law. It requires the services of a customs broker on the USA side, and the vehicle must be present. This requirement has been widely ignored, but not anymore.

    Sept. 1, 2014, The Mexican government has issued new rules for permanently importing used cars from the United States. The biggest change is that the individual importing the used NAFTA car into Mexico must first prove that the car has been formally EXPORTED from the USA following US CBP laws.

  • This means that the US title on every used car permanently imported into Mexico must be first stamped “EXPORTED” by US CBP. This stamp can only be applied after the car has been inspected by the US CBP. No more importing a car without going to the border.

SOURCE: http://rollybrook.com/nationalizing.htm

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