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Your Dog Can Be a Well Behaved Family Member

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Do you wish you could communicate with your dog?

What if an obedience class could:

Teach your dog to listen and learn your spoken words.

Accept your authority

Appreciate praise for good behavior.

Teach you how to solve behavior problems.

Obedience training is not tricks taught with treats. It's not done with mechanical devices. It's accomplished with learned commands that teach the dog to listen, learn and respond correctly. At the same time he is recognizing your authority and finding the joy that comes from earning your approval by your smile, loving pats and praising words of "Good dog" which may at long last have true meaning. This obedience then translates into proper behavior with guests in your home, behavior in public, no more chewed shoes or raids in the garbage.


TIME: 10:00 A.M.






Chain choker and 6' leash required. Choker may be purchased and properly fitted at Pet Care pet shop in Riberas. Also early at first day of class.

For more information, contact trainer Sunny Vogler at sunnyvogler@yahoo.com or 331 319 1012.

All proceeds will be donated to the Dog Ranch.

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I'm looking forward to meeting Buster and many are signing up. I came here fully retired with fond memories of my 15 years as a professional trainer, especially training dogs for the hearing impaired and with Gudrun's urging decided to hold a class again for the benefit of the "Ranch" dogs. One of Gudrun's dogs, Fred, is a real love, but also a real rascal and I'll be working with him instead of demonstrating with my pup.

It's my aim to have everyone believe they have "the most wonderful dog in the world," well maybe after my Precious.

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I would like to invite volunteers to bring any dogs from the shelters that are for adoption and would benefit from training to this class at no cost. You and the dog will enjoy the exercise and learning experience. It is a commitment to the dog as he'll need practice during the week, but will go a long way to finding him that forever home.

My classes used to begin with 40 dogs so I'm sure there will be ample room for everyone. Age is not a factor, but good health and an energetic outgoing personality would be a plus. Shy dogs will gain confidence from your attention and the words of praise so they are also a good choice.

I admire your devotion to these needy dogs and hope you will join in the fun.

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I especially recomend this class if you have a dog who is somewhat recalcitrate about minding. When I was NOB, I took my Corgi, Sam, to a gentle, clicker training class and he was somewhat trained. Sam came from Corgi Rescue and he had been over corrected without ever understanding what he was doing wrong. He was thrilled to learn that words had meaning and that he was a 'good dog' when he obeyed.

Then I started fostering for Corgi Rescue and those dogs didn't mind. I did basic training but felt their forever people should be the ones they learned to mind. Sam felt that if they didn't have to mind, neither did he. I took him to a no-nonsense class like Sunny is teaching, and it made all the difference. I feel like we truly communicate now and we are both happier.

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For class you will need a properly fitting choker. The heavier links are easier on the hair and hang loose when the dog is doing the lessons properly. To get the right fit, take the dog to the pet shop or measure with a string snug around the neck and get a choker 2 inches longer including one ring. Try the pet shops and some vets have supplies. I will have bolt cutters and zip ties to cut down a chain if necessary. Come early to class so we can adjust it to fit.

A 6 ft. leather or nylon leash is preferable to allow working at a distance. No retractable leashes, please.

We will have some chairs, but I don't know how many students to expect. This will be a working class from the first day. Wear comfortable cool clothes and good walking shoes.

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With one week left I've heard from many people who are excited to be bringing their dog to class. We have big and small, old and young and even a three-legged student. That will be my first and I'm told he has a wonderful personality and does very well on his three legs.

Small chokers seem to be hard to find so come early and we will fix a longer one before class. I have been asked if a prong or pinch collar is acceptable. No, it may control your dog, but is not a tool for teaching. If the pet store or shelter in Riberas doesn't have one small enough, a vet clinic may. I didn't check at the pet store in Chapala, next to Soriana, but that's another option.

We will have chairs available, but in case of a large turnout you might want to bring your own. You will be working more than sitting, but you might want to take advantage of a short rest. Water for the dogs will be available and you might want to bring your own.

Come for the fun and again, all proceeds will be donated to the "Dog Ranch" as they are trying to house, feed and enable health care for almost 70 large dogs.

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