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When it became absolutely necessary to terminate our former chef we contacted the Director of the Culinary Institute of Jalisco at the private university Autonoma in Guad. He had visited our restaurant and we obtained his card. He told us we were very lucky as his best student ever had just returned from Los Angeles and La Mision would be a restaurant he would like to lead. He told us to expect a call from a Jorge shortly.

We received the phone call and 2 days later Jorge Penualas was the new chef of La Misison and what he has done has been nothing short of marvelous. First he made it clear that cleanliness and control over everything in the kitchen was # 1 He went thru everything that the ex chef had purchased and tossed over $7,000 pesos of food on hand. He then had the entire kitchen cleaned top to bottom and established his rules on cleanlinesss, the kitchen is spotless to say the least. He then put a sheet of paper on every refrigerator listing by the hour that the temperature of each had to be checked and signed off by a member of the kitchen staff.

He is a task master but none of the staff have objected and in addition to adding staff he has them working in harmony and they know that they are learning from someone exceptional.

Jorge neither smokes or drinks and cooking is his passion and even to this day on his day off he spends his day attending a course in Guad on culinary management.

The compliments we have received from our customers on both his presentation and the flavor of his dishes are wonderful and daily put smiles on everybody.

The director and one other maestra from the Culinary institute were in the restaurant last week and one commented "if there is a better chef in Jalisco we don't know who it is."

We give thanks everyday for Jorge and know that he is only at the beginning of his journey with us and with him at the helm he will make all the goals and dreams of La Mision a reality.

We encourage you to drop by and meet this shy and exceptionally wonderful man.

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The inappropriate and snarky response to your OP has been removed along with responses. The offender has been given a serious warning that one more offense like this is going to result in suspension.

This section is for restaurant owners to share whatever with the customers. If one wants to debate about a restaurant, do so in La Cocina and remember that getting personal is strictly off limits here.

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