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The Dr. that I have used for the last 4 years has been Dr. Illiana Ramos at Integrity.

She is out of the country until this August. Of course now that she is out of the country I started to have problems. Went to see a very expensive Gyn in Guad. He did not find out what was wrong. Then tried the other Gyn at Quality Care. She wanted to do a biopsy. Finally went to the Gyn that is at Integrity filling in for Dr. Ramos. She found it immediately, went on the medication and all is well. She speaks English. I was very happy with her. Her name is Noemi Ruvalcaba - Integrity 766-5154

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Georgia she is back, I was at the dentist across the hall from her office in Joco and he said she is back and she was seeing patients that day I was there.

Thanks for letting us know she is back. I had an appointment with her yesterday in her Joco office. She has been my GYN for several years and I prefer her to anyone else I have seen here. I am thrilled that she is back. Her fee is also a bit lighter than what is being charged here in Ajijic.

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Dr. Ramos has been nothing but caring, reliable and knoweldgeable in all the years that I have been going to her. I value her experience. What staff are you referring to? She and the Dentist share a very nice young lady that answers their phones. She does not have a rude bone in her body. I have heard nothing but Good things about her from so many here.

I prefer the information and experiences from people that have actually used the services from others rather than some heresay.
Since you list your gender as male I doubt very much that you have had a one on one checkup with her.

This is how lies and rumours get started so easily here at Lakeside.

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Yes, it did. Maybe Chamanelo does know something significant. But it is NEVER any help when someone says something vague like "I've heard some bad things about so-and-so." Much better to PM directly to the person who asked for the info and give specifics of the issues. Of course we want to know if something is really wrong, but I hate the way that reputations can be trashed on the Internet with just a bit of innuendo. I also worry a bit that people can get their wires crossed on names and accuse the wrong person, or that they can interpret one bad personal experience, possibly with extenuating circumstances, as an indictment on the other person.

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Chamenlo: You posted nothing factual and that sort of makes you look unreliable with your accusations of that doctor doing "bad things". If you have factual knowledge of a doctor, or any professional, really messing up, and you feel that other people should know this, then that is different. How you want to present that on a public forum is your choice, but it sounds unreliable and childish for you to just throw out what is at most, gossip, rumor and supposition.

I can't figure out if you were being sarcastic with your "Look lady!" and "I know more than you think!"

But what do I know. I'll just stay here in my lair.

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