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Need a Roofer?? Rene Hernandez

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The casita I am renting had a roof leak that was so bad it was in danger of collapsing if it didn't get repaired before the next raining season. The owner, Joan Warren, ask me to ask around for recommendations.
A friend recommended Rene Hernandez - he had recently replaced her entire roof and she was very happy with his work. He gave my owner a very competitive bid and started work last week. With exceptional speed, he and his crew were able to completely remove the old roof and get a new one on before this recent storm descended.

If you need an honest, English speaking, hard working roofer, we recommend Rene and his crew. His work is exceptional. He also does general repairs.

He has a cell 331-716-0956. Can't say enough good things about Rene.

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Hello there, well I never here about Rene, if you have the recomendation about He'm you can try, or I have my man how take care about my home's My handyman and general contractor, he's speak englis and is a reliable and honest person, Rully is he's name, and the phone number is 333 459 5533, good luck. Adios

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