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I also highly recommend Dr. Camacho-Choza. I went to her because I thought that I might have a detached retina after taking a tumble and hitting my cabeza on the hobblestone street. (I call them "hobblestones" instead of cobblestones, b/c it's so damn easy to lose your balance walking on them.) ^_^

Dr. Camacho-Choza gave me a very thorough examination and concluded that my retina was NOT detached. Whew! She even called me a week later to see if my symptoms were improving. I was so impressed with her high level of professionalism that I came back and bought three pairs of glasses from her. She saved me about 3,000 pesos on one pair by explaining that I really didn't need to have progressive lens for my polarized sunglasses b/c I used them mainly for distance and take them off to read. She convinced me that I could do just fine with a pair of off-the-shelf polarized glasses. I was a bit skeptic, so I test drove my old Rx sunglasses against the off-the-shelf pair, and she was right, I could not discern very much difference. The only slight difference is due to my astigmatism which is not corrected for, but it isn't bothersome enough to spend 3,000 pesos to fix it. A less scrupulous doctor would have probably just sold me the more expensive pair of glasses anyway, and I'd have been none the wiser.


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Yes, I know this is a resurrected topic, but just wanted to add my 2 pesos.

Hubby had cataract surgery w/Dra. Claudia last month. The results were beyond expectations. He's totally glasses-free. I realize that not everyone will have the same results, but the level of professionalism and care Dra. Claudia and her staff gave were exceptional. In fact, I've already had my eyes tested and will have the same surgery sometime near the end of this month. I've been too scared to have it done for many reasons (strong prescription, thin retinas, basic chicken), but it's time. I really like that she has a retinologist giving a final check before you go in for the surgery. In my case, if there is a problem, the doc is already there.

I had a bit of a bad experience with a local doc when I went in to get a current contact prescription. He just looked at me and announced I had thin retinas like it was contagious. No information on what that meant or what precautions to take. There was more that upset me, but no point in beating it to death. I was surprised because he has such a good local reputation and had always been very professional before. Following a recommendation, I made an appointment with Dra. Claudia just for the current contact prescription. After reading positive reports from others and seeing hubby's own experience, I'm so glad I did. I'm still scared, but feel like I'll be in the best possible hands..

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