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March LCS Bus Trips

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Still time to sign up for the Wednesday, March 4th trip to the Galerias Mall, Costco, Walmart

Sam's, Liverpool, Best Buy and the wide variety of other shops and restaurants.

Tickets are 250 pesos for members and 300 pesos for non members - available

at the LCS Office Monday to Saturday from 10-2. Departure from the Scupture in LaFloresta

at 9:30 am.

Also on Thursday, March 19 is a trip to Andares Mall and the lovely nearby Japanese Gardens,

a gift from the sister city of Guadalajara, Kyoto, Japan. Prices are again 250 and 300 pesos

with departure from the Sculpture at 9:00 am.

And to plan ahead, Wednesday, April 15th will again be the Galerias Mall and Costco, etc.

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