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Mexican Driver's License

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If you have a permanente visa do you have to have a Mexican driver's license and can you only drive a Mexican-plated car?

If so, how can I get a Mexican driver's license without taking the driving test?


No, a Mexican-state issued driver license is not required; yes, permanentes cannot drive foreign-plated cars (at least in Jalisco).

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Your Mexican drivers license is a state license, so if you live in Jalisco, you will have to get a Jalisco license, which does require that you take the written and driving tests. Both are easy.

You do not need to change your license just because you are Residente Permanente, but you may only drive a Mexican plated car.

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Any license is accepted, state law requires a test and federal law says permanentes cannot drive foreign plated cars UNLESS importer is in the vehicle or is their spouse / parent / child or brother / sister

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