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La Mision dinner


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Yesterday after Naked Stage we had reservations for dinner. I had had lunch here twice before with each time a disappointment but the other 3 diners hadn't been there and I had hopes. It was a disappointment for 3 and an okay experience for 1.

Of three NY 250 gram steaks one steak was done as requested to be medium well and that diner enjoyed his meal. The 2 medium rare steaks were overdone and had to be sent back. It took 7 minutes for the replacements to come. When they did they were the right color but the baked potato and green beans had been left to sit instead of being refreshed. The steaks were abysmal, grizzly and thin. We speculate that the cut larger steaks horizontally to make the smaller serving size.

Because I cook it was evident to me immediately that my chicken breast had been cut horizontally and was pan-fried in olive oil. Set on a white plate with unseasoned mashed potato which contained large solid chunks it was unattractive and needed seasoning. I smeared the chicken with chimichirri. My side salad was acceptable except I had to ask for dressing twice.

We came in at 5:30 ad left at 7:30 without ordering starters, alcohol or dessert. So the service although friendly wasn't particularly quick.

Off our list.

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