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Great Vet in west Ajijic

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I have taken my cat twice to this vet and we are both happy with him. He loves animals & they respond to him. Not a hiss while his temp was being taken & getting shots. Dr Omar Eduardo Reyes Luis studied in Guad then spent two years practicing in Florida. His English is very good & he is very aware of problems specific to Ajijic area. Office is located at the La Huerta mall west of Pacifico Fish. 766 0725

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He is young and single and so is willing to do pet sitting as well, to supplement his income as he gets his practice established. Who better to look after your animals than a Vet? In Canada we used to have a Veterinary Technician pet sit for us and it was great because our diabetic cat needed regular shots and many people aren't comfortable doing that. If any of our pets were sick she could also take them to work with her, so it was a great arrangement. He spayed my Pomeranian a few months ago and did a great job, with the cleanest little incision and in no time she was healed up without a mark on her. Dr. Omar also has a cell number where you can reach him on off hours, and it is 331.341.0538

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Our regular vet was very busy so thought we would try him. We took our cat who had her temp taken and received an antibiotic shot and was charged 500P. I think that was extremely high.

He usually charges 200 pesos for check over, temp & shot so it must have been a special antibiotic.

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We have been using Omar the Vet for our two dogs. He loves animals and has a gentle, professional way of handling them. He speaks fluent English and is knowledgeable about domestic pets. Our dogs have been vaccinated, neutered, teeth cleaned, infections treated by Dr Omar. Very capable compassionate man. 
‘Sharon St John-Mercik 


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