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Car Importation Update December 2014


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Car Importation Update December 2014

With all the rumor and speculation out there, I thought I would share information that SAT has just published regarding vehicle importations. This is information that SAT is promoting and might put to rest some of the speculation going around verbally and on web boards.

SAT provides the following link for their slideshow (in Spanish) with the rules, it is titled What Vehicles can be Imported. http://www.slideshare.net/satmx/qu-vehculos-pueden-importarse

I will list the highlights here. I do not do vehicle importations but have helped people verify them and have sprung them and their vehicles from jail / impound due to fraudulent acts of people offering import services. My advice is to only nationalize as a last resort and always calculate cost to benefit ratio where nationalizing makes sense for a very few.

Now back to the info...

What vehicles can be imported

Used cars with a VIN showing they were made or assembled in Mexico, the USA or Canada.

Cars 8 to 9 years old

Cars whose right to be driven are not restricted or prohibited.

The cost of importation is ten percent of the value of the vehicle plus taxes due for entry into the country.

Cars can be imported by Mexicans living in Mexico and abroad.

Importers need official ID and CURP, car title in their name or signed over to them, emissions certificate, nothing limiting their right to be driven in their home country


1) Go to a customs agent with your ID, letter of appointment of customs broker, vehicle title.

2) You need to verify that the customs agent:

Obtains a certificate that the vehicle complies with physical / mechanical conditions and environmental protection (verification centers exist close to the border zone aduanas)

Verify that the vehicle has not been reported stolen

Verify that the vehicle VIN number matches the title.

Present the vehicle title to American Customs so that they can authorize its export (this process takes an average of two days).

Prepare the importation pedimento

Pay the proper taxes

Turn in the definitive importation pedimento fully paid.

3) Present the vehicle along with the pedimento at the aduana module for inspection and receive the import pedimentos with its attachments and register the vehicle in the Public Vehicle Registry


Remember, only a customs agent can do the procedure with aduana. Vehicle importations are not done in the street. Do not turn over money or documents in the street.

I am just the messenger, I do not know how Canadians will fare without a title, or why they should deal with US customs or heck if anybody but a Mexican can import as it doesn't mention foreigners at all. Also I have no idea how people will babysit customs agents and make sure they comply with the list of items SAT gives.

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3 Strikes we are Out

Our Honda was made in Japan

It is 14 years old in January

It is Canadian Plated

Oh & Groupo Bimbo subsidiary Canada Bread Company Ltd will pay C$120 million ($103.38 million) for Montreal-based Saputo's bakery

Someone knows we exist

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Makes no sense and goes against NAFTA, but it is straight from the horses´s mouth, SAT and was published the beginning of December and refers to the new export requirement that started in September so go figure!

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Agree with Spencer... makes no sense as violates NAFTA and says only Mexicans.

At this time I believe nothing is being nationalized but I am told will be. For my NAFTA cars Aduana has been paid and told they will be finalized.

Three of my non-NAFTA cars started longggg ago are nationalized. Documents that were locked in an Aduna office released and finally applying for Chihuahua plates that will then be handed back in and documents sent to me. No where in Mexico can a non-NAFTA car be legally nationalized now or in past several months.


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The majority of facilitators, helping with INM, IMSS, SP, are not lawyers and they do not need licenses nor are there any licences given for this work.

Sonia is in San Miguel de Allende. She does not compete with Spencer. She was the first person (that I know if) who was successful at signing up foreigners with SP.

Sonia nationalizes vehicles which she cannot do right now. Spencer does not nationalize vehicles. Sonia does not handle INM, SP or IMSS for people Lakeside. Spencer does. Sonia will give you a list of references of local people for whom she has nationalized vehicles if you want one because you intend to use her service. I'm sure her customers would rather not have their names posted on a website. There have been several who have written posts that she nationalized their vehicles and they are happy.

If you do not like her opinion or want to use her services, then ignore her but like Spencer, she has been very informative for many of us,

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