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New Flights - Guadalajara to Houston


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Just saw an add in a copy of "G" magazine that might be of interest here to some. Vivaaerobus is starting a Guadalajara-Houston service on November 20 - 4 days/week (Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday). Posted airfare is $1,440 MX (basic service) so considerably cheaper than United. This is cheaper than taking the bus!!

I wonder if United will respond??


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One Way.

But interestingly, when I go to their website, the price is varied but more than the $1440.... specifically from $1602 to $2409 depending on date of flight. As it gets closer to Xmas the rate skyrockets to $5656. Then around 1/11/15 it drops to $1273 on some days which is really a good price for the basic service....about $93US!

Basic service allows a carry-on and a 15kg checked bag. For $25 more you get to check a 55kg bag.

Thanks for that info Ezzie.

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