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Hello everyone!

Guess what?? After 2 days of waiting... Finally, we have our "handmade bun bread" for our burgers.

We want to thank Noel & Bernardo from "Green Door Foods" for being our new suppliers. So now, if our burgers were great now they are fabulous! Of course, by using the best quality of lettuce, from Greg "GreenGo".

Hope everybody enjoys them as we do.


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That should be "just west" of Ajijic. If you are traveling west on the carretera, look for the purple signs with a penguin painted on them on your left. It's also just west of the big green overhead sign telling you where to turn for Hotel Danza del Sol. If you pass Dental Express going west, you've gone too far.

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Super Bowl Chillin’ party! :rolleyes:

Hello everyone!!

We want to let you know that ONLY for these Sunday we will open at 4:00 p.m. and closed when the game finishes. So, please for all those whom already reserved for this event we want to tell you that please be on time because you have to fill up a parlay card to make these more exciting. As you may know us we like to spoiled our customers.

The winner who gets the most points for the parlay card will win a price of $ 6,000 pesos cash. Why so? Because we want to spoiled and make it a little bit spicy and have fun during the game and why not! Because it is Just Chillin’.

As soon as you came into the door and sat down will give you the card, but you have to be on time to participate. This has to be filled up before the game begins, if not you cannot participate for the winning price.

The winner will be announced at the end of the game and HAS to be present.

Thank you all and will see you tomorrow!

Lots of love and hugs! :D:wub:

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