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4 minutes ago, johanson said:

I got my flu shot up north and did not have a cough or cold as a result their of. And those I have talked to and caught up on old times who also arrived from the north did not show the symptoms you mentioned.

The hen house makes the claim, but the facts say different. See:


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A few years ago I had the flu that went untreated.  Testing in hospital revealed a strain of the flu. This In turn affected my heart.   I had myocarditis and pericarditis.with only 40% function.which led to the start of heart failure.  I was in the hospital month   and then rehab. I was only 36 years old ( and this was in the middle 1990’s .). I have always been in good health and thought some of my symptoms were due to stress.  These included chest pain, cough, vomiting, Shortness  of breath. I was placed on a heart transplant list, but thankfully my heart issues were resolved.  

When the medical ‘ professionals ‘ say the flu can kill you.  Well...they mean it ! Apparently what I had was pretty rare though .   But still. Why take the chance  ?. 

I highly recommend flu vaccines. 

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Here's a reading suggestion for anybody who wants to learn a little bit about influenza, about the practice of medicine in the not-too-distant past and even a little about WW1. This particular flu was especially hard on young, healthy adults.

 The great influenza : the story of the deadliest pandemic in history---John M. Barry

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