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Here is a discription of the updated ADUANA rules for importation of vehicles.


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When you nationalize a car you receive the pedimento from Aduana. It has only VIN and no one's name. You receive a factura from the broker. It has the name of the person who supplied the ID such as a Mexican driver's license in those I process. This is what I always received in the 87 NAFTA cars I have nationalized. I would definitely be asking for a factura as every broker must issue one. If one does not have a factura from the authorized broker who nationalized the car I would ask why not and insist on it. Then I would be checking REPUVE as noted again below.

When you apply for state plates and registration most states they typically ask for the following but varies slightly from state to state:

Factura, pedimento, recent utility bill, title or registration front and back and visa (front and back) is acceptable if utility bill is in your name or MX driver’s license (vs visa) front and back if utility bill is not in your name. However, the utility bill must show same address as your MX driver’s license. They do a physical inspection and check several VIN numbers to make sure the car is exactly what was nationalized. In the state of Guanajuato, Colima, Guerrero and Quintana Roo they all want to see the factura. I have not heard back from clients at lakeside what documents they required. One of them may provide this information.

When you sell a car that has been nationalized here in at least in GTO the person provides same documents and the person selling the car signs (in Spanish) the back of the factura (not title or registration) stating they assign all rights to "Joe Smith" and sign and date it. They do not sign off the foreign title / registration. These were the requirements this past week when a nationalized car was sold. Without the factura you would not transfer ownership here in GTO state.

All legal 23 million or so vehicles in Mexico can be found on REPUVE. If someone offers to nationalize and the process includes state plates be very wary. The plates are sometimes stolen or phony and the process questionable.


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I was not provided with a factura from the broker. I registered the vehicles in Jalisco. It took the pedimento and a copy of the title along with the usual personal ID. When I sold them it took a contrato de compra venta and a letter ceding ownership.

BTW I got plates for them in a municipality on the coast. No one even checked the vehicle's VIN.

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