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Spanish television with Spanish subtitles?

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I would like Spanish-language television programs that have matching Spanish-language subtitles (or closed captioning).

I currently have SKY. SKY has no captioning other than Spanish subtitles for non-Spanish programs. And there is no subtitle control. This is true even for channels like Univision and Telemundo that do have subtitles north of the border.

Can I get better results if we switch from SKY to something else?

Greg Weeks

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I've been trying to find programs in English with Spanish subtitles but no luck.

Lots of interesting information in that link.

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You might find some things on this site. This is just a link that I collected but never used, I can't vouch for it in any way.



I stumbled upon your post and took a look at that link. AWESOME! It's an incredible resource and I'm excited to start looking at the suggested sites.

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I didn't, but my husband did. They said that subtitles and CC are controlled by the content provider, ie, the channel, not by SKY.

I don't consider that to be conclusive, however.

It is true. I worked in televison and know the CC is inserted in the video signal at the time of production. If it is missing from the original production it is not available. If the produced TV signal has it and the transmitted sign has it it will be available but could be controlable by the broadcaster {transmitted signal provider] if they want by omitting it by not passing it on if desired. I have no CC on Mx. Dish either on Mexican broadcasts on Dish but do on some programs on antennae on Mexican channels. But on Dish sometimes the Fox channel that has Spanish subtitles will have it, for example, and it interfers with the Spanish subtitles and both become useless so I have to keep CC off.

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