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Is there a time limit for late night loud music?

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On 7/5/2014 at 9:30 AM, texmextwo said:

There is a hotel next door with very loud music starting at 11:00 and 12:00 at night. Is there a limit on how late they can play VERY LOUD music ?


Yes, problem is nobody observes it. Mexicans love loud music you better get used to especially on Saturday nights and Fiestas.

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On 7/12/2014 at 2:02 AM, The world's best climate said:

For Lord´s sake! this is México, México is a warm Country! they do not die at 10 like USA !....this beautiful Country is not in war, Mexico does not need a curfew! Please! realize that you are in México!

i have to agree with you. although loud firecrackers scare my dogs i have found a wonderful new all natural drops for miedo for animals as well as many more drops of for different things animals may have. there are drops you can put in their water that are good for them that just keep them relatively stable throughout the day. i love Mexico and i am lucky that i live in lower chula vista where i am not downtown ajijic during festivals etc. unless i want to go enjoy  the festivities and noise. i am always confused why people move to a foreign country nlbut immediately want to change the country to clone the own country. Then go back to your own country. i think it is impotant to rent first in a country prior to buying to decide if where you are living is just to loud or to dirty or has to much crime etc for you so you can make a good choice if you decide to buy. Now i came here and the new San Antonio Plaza had not been built yet. the last festival went on for 12 or 13 days and music went till 4 am. but usually on weekends there is music i can here and i love it as i can dance on my terraza and it spices up my life. the music is not overbearing and is usually over by 10-11 pm. i agree as we age we need our sleep. at the health food place near the gas company and pool supply place sells 10mg sublingual melatonin by puitans pride. if i go to the states i buy the same sublingual pill at sprouts only made by natrol approx cost is 10-11 us dollars for 60 pills. take 1 pill and you are out for the whole night. some people might want to try a 1/2 pill to start. it is wonderful for your brain. so think wisely before you ret or buy. mexico is charming and they love there fiestas and i love the fact they do. rather than trying to change everything Mexico and their culture loves we should think about what positive things we can change in ourselves to help our situation


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