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Your favorite pitcher cocktails for summer


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I am wondering what pitcher cocktails you like the most. For those who are wondering what a pitcher cocktail is, it is any drink you can make up in a pitcher. Or alternatively in a pinch bowl.

I am looking for something new to make. These are my requirements:

1. Alcoholic (or can have alcohol added to it)

2. Not a sangria

3. Not a margarita

4. Ingredients can easily, inexpensively, and locally purchased. (Lakeside only please)

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This is for one drink, but of course you know how to make it for more:

1 ½ oz spiced rum

¼ cup crushed watermelon

½ oz lime juice

½ oz simple syrup

Garnish: pinch of nutmeg (or not)

Mix ice with rum, crushed watermelon, lime juice and simple syrup. Shake and strain over ice.

(Simple syrup, combine 1 cup sugar, 1 cup boiling water. Cool. Or buy plain jarabe at the boozorium.)

I quite enjoy sandia agua frescas, and this makes them even better.

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Mine is Pimm's but I bring that in every year. A punch is comprised of 1/2 juice, 1/4 alcohol and 1/4 fizzy beverage or aqua mineral and fruit. Here is an assortment off my Pinterest page http://www.pinterest.com/mexretiree/punch-and-pitcher-beverages/

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You import Pimm's cup? Wanna share???? Seriously, that's a recipe I would like, or else I would like to know whether you get this in the US and drive it across the border, or whether you fly it in from England. Ah to be in England now that spring is here!

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I bring down three beverages, a JW blue scotch, Lillet for my vesper maritini instead of vermouth and the Pimms.

Until I started bringing my own down here is what I made as a Pimm's substitute:


1 navel orange

1 teaspoon dried bitter orange peel (optional)

3/4 cup London dry gin

1 cup sweet vermouth

Wash and slice the navel orange and place it in a sealable glass jar. Do not remove peel. Add bitter orange peel, then pour in the gin and vermouth. Seal and shake the jar, then steep at room temperature for a minimum of 24 hours and up to 72 hours.

Strain the orange out with a sieve or fine mesh strainer and then filter through cheesecloth or a coffee filter into glass bottle or jar.

Makes 1 3/4 cups. Store sealed at room temperature.

I also had to make my own gingerale since it was hard to find years ago. Now its around but if you want to make it all yourself then you can make a really potent ginger simple syrup and mix it with agua minerale.

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Thank you.

I have never had Pimms.

Thanks for posting an actual recipe to make my own! I just don't leave Mexico, and don't like to rely on others to bring me down stuff, so I either like to work with what I have, or make my own from scratch!

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I make a Kir Punch using a recipe from a friend who owned a wine shop.

1/2 gallon white wine (Chablis or very dry white wine)
1/2 cup Creme de Cassis

1/2 gallon sparkling water

I make ice rings with summer flowers to dress up the punch. The Creme de Cassis gives the punch a lovely pink smoke look. Classic Kir leaves out the sparkling water but I prefer a punch that doesn't knock out the guests.

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Guest PalapaGirl


1 bottle brut

1 bottle non-dry champagne

4 cups cranberry juice

1 liter ginger ale

Combine all ingredients (chilled)


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We ended up making the following drink :

Norte Dame Pick Me Up

2 cups vodka

2 cups light rum

2 cups triple sec

5-1/3 tbsp powdered sugar (1/3 cup?)

Mix all together in pitcher. Fill a glass with ice, fill halfway with drink mix, fill rest of way with Ginger Ale. Stir.

Very refreshing. The original recipe stated to mix in the ginger ale, but the way we made it each person could decide how strong they wanted their drink.

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I like Negronis but I sure wouldn't make a pitcher of those!

Why not make Sea Breezes? Vodka, cranberry juice and grapefruit juice. Very refreshing summer drink. Or Harvey Wallbangers -- add a dash of Galliano to screwdrivers.

Tom Collins?

ok, I'm a traditionalist... I do love to make Planters Punches but have never found Meyers rum Lakeside, anybody have a source? Or mint juleps, but that's not a pitcher drink either...

OK, back to my unsweetened ice tea. Sigh.

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Here's something different to try, an old-time and still popular Michoacán drink. It's delicious, refreshing, and inexpensive to make. The combination of ingredients makes this drink sweet, salty, tart, and hot--a fiesta in your mouth.



1 cup charanda de Uruapan (Licores Paz should have it)

1 fresh pineapple, crushed

3 cups pineapple juice

3 cups grapefruit soft drink

1/4 bag of ice

Coarsely crushed salted peanuts

Sea salt to taste
Crushed dry chile de árbol (optional but just a pinch will do it)


Mix the first three ingredients together in a drink dispenser.

Add grapefruit soft drink.

Add ice.

In a tall glass, put three or four ice cubes, a teaspoonful of crushed salted peanuts, a pinch of sea salt, and a pinch of chile de árbol. Add the mixed liquids. Be sure there is some crushed pineapple in every glass.

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Cristina has never steered me wrong, so I will try this. Bought a 940 ml bottle of "Charanda de Uruapan" for 59 pesos at Licores Paz. It looks like it has a chunk of green sugar cane floating it. At least I hope its sugar cane!!

That's a new wrinkle in the charanda world--it sounds really pretty. Let me know how you like the torito! You can add more charanda if you like, or less, depending on how strong you want your drink. The torito is flexible.

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I tasted some Charanda last night. I'm not surprised it was good, but it was better than I expected. It has just a touch of sweetness, it is a bit raw, in need of aging on wood or carbon filtering, but then you would lose a note of what reviewers call "buttery" taste. The reviewers also mention a hint of vanilla, but I didn't notice that. They say it is made from molasses, like traditional rum, but I believe it is made from especially selected sugar cane juice. One big player - Moet Hennessy - is trying to introduce a similar product as "the new vodka" - for $30 U.S. per bottle.


It tastes like very high quality moonshine - so if you have ever been curious about that, but afraid to buy from the local Sheriff (southern boys), here is your chance.

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Made the Torito. It is good for a family type event. I was surprised that I could clearly taste the peanuts. I used a dash of sricha chile, rooster sauce, instead of arbol Pineapples or in season right now. The Charanda barely poked through the taste. I want to make some pineapple vinegar next, before they disappear.

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