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Body Glide - where can I buy?

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Silicone barrier cream would be easier to find because it is used extensively in the medical field. I can't imagine what the Spanish translation might be. A lot of people use it in humid, tropical areas and for any job where your hands are often wet.

Other than that -probably a triathlon store, most likely in Guadalajara or Mexico City.

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Marti did not have any. They said Guadalajara but also had no idea where in Guadalajara to send me. Any ideas?

I have a silicon barrier cream for wet work for hands, but I am not sure it would actually work to prevent chaffing when running or any other type of exercises. It doesn't seem to reduce friction, which causes chaffing. It just prevents water from staying on the skin. Makes the water bead off. I am looking for something that reduces friction.

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TRISENSOR Triatlon store

Av. Vallarta # 4820-7. Jardines Vallarta zap.jal ( plaza los cubos) Cp. 45027.

This is almost in the corner of Av Vallarta and Patria , very close to COSTCO.

Tel. 33 36 27 01 07 33 36 73 61 23


They have BodyGlide, but I am not sure what version you need, they said they also have other similar products to prevent chaffing.

Email or phone them.


TRISENSOR Store is in the plaza, located on the corner of Pedro de Alarcon and Gabriel de Anunzzio

Satellite pic is old, but a new Plaza has been built there.


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