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Time for the annual "guess the start of the rains" contest

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OK, we've had a few tantalizing showers and much El Nino talk of late but the real rainy season is yet to start. So once again let's play "guess the start" of the season.

The criteria I used last year and will repeat with a few additional provisions are this:

1. Rain must equal or exceed 1/2 inch in any 24 hour period. That does not have to correspond to a calendar day. There has to be two such rains in the total 7 day period after the first one to qualify.

2. Rain must clearly be the result of the easterly flow of moisture that is central to our season. A stray El Nino storm does not count. Our real, sustained rainy season comes from the east, not the south west.

Any other suggestions for rules will be entertained for a couple of days and then I'll lock it in.

You are free to pick any date that someone else has already picked. In the event that is the date, there will be co-winners.

I'll start. I think the rains are coming early this year. I'm going with June 1

Let the games begin!


Tom L: May 28

Mainecoons: June 1

ajijicsolomon: June 3

gfresh: June 4

lakeside101: June 5

La Aurora: June 6 between 7 & 11 PM

JRod: June 7

Gringal, futureisendless: June 8

Solajijic: June 9 between 4PM and 2AM

Bennie2: June 10 (night)

Suz: June 11

Johanson, Osoprehistorico: June 12

Cedros: June 13

Adolphsj: June 14

JaybearII: June 16

Eagles100: June 15

im Bowie: June 19 between 7 and 11PM

pappysmarket: June 21

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June 21, it seems every year we think it will be "early this year" and once in a while it is. Remember a few years ago when it started either on the 30th or July 1st?

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After consulting with my astrologer, studying the star charts, talking to "the Guru", and finally sticking my index finger in the air, I have come up with the conclusion that, Oh wait, I have just completed my annual "rain dance" routine, under the auspices of Barbara Clippinger, and that due to shortages of water this year , there will be little or no rain till the month of June, 2014. This has been certified by the office of RAIN CONTROL......If more information is needed consult with my bookkeeper and financial ad-visor located in front of Super lake. :P

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