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Lake's Body Shop (former Fernando)

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I said I would report back on my recent car work. The right rear door panel was damaged when someone backed into my car.

On Monday I dropped the car off to have the door repaired and painted.

Last evening the car was ready at 6 pm as promised.

I could not be more satisfied. As far as I can see the door looks like it did when I bought the car.

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Glad to hear this. We've used Fernando over the years for little bumps and dings and he's always been reliable, honest and priced well. While sorry to see him leave, am happy to know his Associate continues with the same quality work.

Thanks for the update. :)


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Where did Fernando go?

To the US to get married and settle down for a few years.

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Yes the place is still great. I was told by Spencer of S & S Autos, yesterday, whom I highly trust. that the person Fernando had do most of the work is still there with the other employees and that his (Spencer's) clients are still getting great quality work there. Oh and Mike, maybe 6 months ago I had work done on my Honda CRV and it cost me maybe $1500 or $1600 pesos per section. [Maybe my sections are large, I don't Know :) ]

What bothered me most was that I had a third section on the other side of the car that had been keyed (two small marks) and I was told both at Fernando's and at the competition that the cost of repair would be almost the same, $1500 to $1600 pesos per section. I chose not to have that section repaired. (I wasn't mad at the workers, because apparently the price was fair, but at the car washers who did the keying when I parked my car in front of a medical clinic and didn't offer to pay a few pesos to them for watching my car.)

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No, just the one door panel.

One of the attractions was flat rates for almost everything, no haggling, no doubts as to the veracity of the claimed work... unlike almost everyone else around here that does body work.

Pete. I have a mid-sized Buick, so you may be right as to the size/cost differential. Next time I stop in I will ask. As for the pricing being the same for your scratches, it is because they don't really do scratches: they do the whole panel every time, which ensures everything looks perfect.

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On 4/18/2014 at 9:20 PM, Wookie said:

In Ajijic, just east of La Casa Del Waffle Restaurant on the mountain side.

Actually, they are located just WEST of the Waffle House, right next to the Home Solution garden/pool store.

Their landline no longer works, so call them using German's cell number 333-116-3218 or Ricardo's cell number 331-110-4121.

I just had occasion to use Lake's Body Shop's services because I ran into a concrete tree box that was totally obscured by weeds on Galeana between the Carratera and Zaragosa. :-/ The body work alone, plus the tow, a new tie rod, and an interior detail, came to 12,000 pesos. Then, I took my car to Beto at Hernandez Suspension & Tire next to Tony's Restaurant to get the wheels aligned. Beto also ordered a new tire because the old one was totally destroyed in the collision. But I also asked Beto to look around to see if there might be any other damage that Lake's Body Shop could have overlooked. After all they are a body shop while Beto is a tire and suspension expert. Sure enough, my strut was also bent in the collision and had to be replaced. So there went another 10,000 pesos total. Can you say OUCH! The total was just a smidgen above my deductible, which I will revisit when my policy comes due in November, and not worth filing a claim for.

Any way, I was VERY PLEASED with both Lake's Body Shop and Hernandez Suspension & Tire, and I highly recommend both.

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