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Maria Isabel restuarant sponsors free kids kayaking day Sat April 5th 9AM

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Talked with Leonardo owner of Maria Isabel

Maria Isabel restaurant will sponsor a kids kayaking day Saturday April 5th 2014 9 AM to 11 AM

on the beach in front of Maria Isabel

volunteers needed and recreational kayaks., Bring your kayaks and be a volunteer, bring kids

every 20 minutes we will have another 15 kids learn kayaking

total expectation we can fit 90 kids in two hours,

about 15 kayaks with about 15 volunteers.

we will be in knee deep water with a four foot rope on the back off the kayak, which we hold.

so the kids don't take off in deeper water and we have something to grab if they take off.

we will mark off a spot on the lake in front of Maria Isabel with floating markers. to knee deep water

kids will wear life preservers, need ,more kids size we only have six. they will have to use adult life preservers.


link to pictures of kid kayaking last year



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we are connected Hector and Manuel are already picking the kids for the kids kayaking class.

The class will be held monthly limit now twenty kids, 10 kayaks 8 volunteers

hector and Manuel they know the ones who deserve it

twenty two kids came to the class with tags on there chest, with the work Manix on them.

the kids kayaking day was a success, its was the first introduction of kayaking to the kids in Ajijic.

its was fun to watch the kids learn, for five minutes, they kind of went in circles, then all of a sudden

they got it and went straight, then started making turns and stops naturally.

they loved. it

in a few years from now , hundreds of Ajijic kids will have learned for free the basics of kayaking on lake Chapala.

thank you Maria Isabel restaurant for storing the kayaks, and Hector and Manuel for sending the kids.

this kids kayaking program will only work if we have volunteers.

to get new volunteers hopefully we can use the older kids who came, to help the next time we have a kids kayaking day.

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