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Off Airport Parking - My Experience


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I recently made a 3 day trip to the USA and decided to try the off airport parking. I chose one at random. When I arrived I drove in and they told me to find any available spot and the van followed me and loaded my luggage. I was given a ticket and told to call the number on the ticket when I returned. I took a picture of the ticket with my phone in case I lost it. (which I did) The driver was friendly and somewhat talkative on our way to the airport, Dropped me off at the International terminal and from pulling into the parking lot to me walking in the door to the airport was no more than 10 minutes. I asked him where he picked me up upon return and he said here. Overall a very smooth experience.

Upon return, I was SICK and feeling horrible and unfortunately the pick up was not nearly so smooth. I had 3 barely legal sized checked bags and 1 large carry on and a backpack so was weighed down. (this was a shopping trip) I sailed thru Customs and Immigration, and immediately called the number provided. My Spanish is not so great but I can usually make myself understood and he told me 10 minutes and then went into something else but with all the airport noise I couldn't understand most of what he said. I told him I didn't understand and repeated I was outside the international terminal waiting by the taxi queue. We hung up. 30 minutes later I call back. Again, rapid fire Spanish and I tell him to hold on and ask those around me if anyone speaks English? Luckily a nice gentleman takes the phone and explains where I am and then turns to me and tells me that the van driver is waiting for me down at OXXO! I point to my 4 large pieces of luggage and backpack and he tells the guy this is not possible that I walk all the way to OXXO and that they need to pick me up there. They tell him it will be another 15 minutes. So this time he really does show up and drives me back to the lot. He unloads my luggage and I walk up to the window to pay. The quoted rate is 139 per day. I have been there 59 hours. He tells me 1000 pesos. I respond that this is not correct and there is no way I am paying 1000 pesos! He immediately smiles sheepishly and says "oh, OK 350 pesos... I count it out and walk away. An American woman traveling by herself with not such great Spanish? I guess he felt like he had to try?


Would I use them again? probably not. Even though the airport parking is horribly expensive, it is much more convenient if traveling for 2 or 3 days and I think if I was going for more than 3 days I would just use taxis as they would not be THAT much more expensive and so much easier.

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