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Sailing Lake Chapala - Lunch/beer get together - 1PM. Thurs. Mar. 6, 2014 at Maria Isabel

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Sorry for the late reminder and not posting the previous months Get Together.

We have been getting people out sailing but we need to watch the wind as it dies off.

If you want to get out, it is best to contact Quinton.

Last month we had the Get Together at the Maria Isabel restaurant which is at the bottom of Colon in Ajijic (it use to be the Old Pasada).

This month we will again meet at Maria Isabel, they have a good buffet for 69pesos.

Come join us and hear what the new owner has planned for the lakefront area.

Maria Isabel is at the bottom of Colon/Marelos in Ajijic - lots of parking and only two blocks from the bus.

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Yahoo! I knew if I  waited long enough I would stumble upon other sailors. I am from the Stockton Sailing Club. Raced on Sir Leansalot for 8-9 years; a 40' Hunter. Mostly on the San Joaquin River which meant lots of tacking. My last position was foredeck with a dip pole spinnaker. Changed my membership there to one of "cruising." And then moved to Lakeside. But I was worried that I would never sail again. I hope this group will allow me to join them on the waters. I will make every effort to be at the lun cheon on Thursday. And, Quinton, are you reading this? Get me on the water, por favor.


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If you are a blue-water sailor, accustomed to a 40 foot craft, sailing on Lake Chapala will make you really unhappy.  Fish traps, fence posts under water, no marinas, no fuel docks, and not much depth at all. Winds? Flukey!

Crew isn't needed on those tiny sailing prams, etc.

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Do remember in 2002 when the lake level very low and the Cota was only 91 meters and earlier this year when the lake reached a Cota of 96.7 meters? That was almost a 19 foot drop. And with that 19 foot drop there were some places where the shoreline was almost a mile further out from were it is now.  To me, the great distances that the water was from todays shoreline indicates a very shallow lake.

Remember that there are also fences out there that are now covered by water. Could you imagine sailing on a boat which had a keel? You would be hitting something every few minutes unless you were close to the center of the lake.  If there were a regular wind it might be fun to try a Hobie Cat Catamaran.

But there has to be a reason why you almost never see sailboats of any kind on the lake.  I wish you luck, and just maybe on that very occasional day when there is a steady wind it might work

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Once in a blue moon, there are sailing dingy races off the Club de Yates; but, there are not many of those moons.

Do you remember seeing them use a big tractor to carry small boats out to deep enough water for them to float?  Desperation......

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I want to thank Lamont and Quinton and others. That the sailing started the kayak club on July 11 2011 at a meeting at old Eves restaurant, 17 people showed up. We moved to Maria Isabel location Feb 2014

Thank you for your generousous time and money. In helping get the basic equipment to start the kayak club.

It was Lamont who negotiated the agreement with  Tasca restaurant. for free storage of the kayaks in exchange for eating lunch there.

Thank you to the sailing club, the Lake Chapala Kayak Club is forever grateful for your insight of getting people active on this beautiful lake



The Lake Chapala  Kayak Club

H Wayne Renz

Rear Commodore






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