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Legalizing J Car


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Sonia nationalizing "J" cars: (I copied and pasted and it is not quite right)

"Another J car nationalized and we have an extension until end of June for non-NAFTA. That is 4 non-NAFTA and 2 to complete. Non-NAFTA can be nationalized to end of June. All motor vehicles which are legal in Mexico (excluding those with a TIP) are listed on the REPUVE web site. Below is the car a Japanese Toyota."
Año Modelo:
Número de Identificación Vehicular (NIV):
Número de Constancia de Inscripción (NCI):
Número de puertas:
País de origen:
Desplazamiento (cc/L):
Número de cilindros:
Número de ejes:
Planta de ensamble:
Datos complementarios:
Institución que lo inscribió:
Fecha de inscripción:
Hora de inscripción:
Entidad que emplacó:
Fecha de emplacado:
Fecha de última actualización:
Folio de Constancia de Inscripción:
"NAFTA cars now total approx. 25 completed and 30 in progress. Aduana will be here tomorrow to photograph some of those waiting to be completed. The oldest is 1976."
"Have a great weekend
cell: 044-415-106-1499"
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No, the J cars could be nationalized back then but we were prohibited from posting that information on this site.

Sonia has the only service I know of that can get J cars nationalized. I haven't heard of any other. I have a NAFTA vehicle so that isn't my problem but I hope the info helps others who need a J car nationalized. I can't imagine driving back to Canada. I thought the Texas border was too far.

Back in June 2013 I spoke several times with Aduana in Mexico City and was told in no uncertain terms that a "J" car could no way be nationalized. This was the information being given across the board by the Mexican govt. I have written confirmation of this from the woman "in charge" at Aduana D.F. which also states that my vehicle could be confiscated at any time if I were to continue driving it. I absolutely need a vehicle on a daily basis for work, therefore had no alternative but to drive my CRV, which only had 100,000 K on it and would have lasted me probably for the rest of my life, back to Canada and fly back and buy a Mexican-plated vehicle, the whole absurd escapade costing me thousands of dollars. I am not one of the wealthy gringos who can say they are actually not bothered by having to do this as their "new" model purchased here is an improvement over their former vehicle.

People now saying you could always import the older "J" cars, or finding out that now it is somehow allowed, is definitely a burn.

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Joco, I can understand the "burn". We were told the same thing last year by our facilitators. However, they advised us not to jump the gun so to speak and to wait until the last possible moment. They told us we could drive our foreign plated vehicle until our papers for Residente Permanente were finalized and then after that we could get a paper to allow us 3 days to go to the border with our car if it became necessary. They advised us that things have a way of changing here in Mexico and sometimes that was for the good. We waited. We may be absolutely crazy but we are going to go ahead with this process with our facilitators as we have grown to trust them over the years and deal only with the owner and her daughter on these matters. If this doesn't work then we will be feeling a "burn" worse than the one we would have felt if we had sold the car. I hope soon you can just release these feelings because like all bad feelings they only continue to make us feel bad ... easy to say and harder to do :)

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Sonia has a broker with an amparo that was extended. She wrote that the amparo would end in 2013 but it has been extended. This is for the "J" cars as far as I know.

I won't nationalize until next year and mine is a NAFTA.

Sonia's husband lived lakeside before moving to SMA, where he met and married her. Her husband posted with the name "Ajijic." You can look up his old posts.

Sonia is the person who greased the wheels so that foreigners could sign up for SP. She is the person who explained it to SP in MX City. She is always very well informed and no one has complained about her professionalism and honesty. She is a pistol.

She will be honest with you about how long it takes and will refund your money if you want that.

Ask her to send you whatever information you want.

I told people I know who wanted to use Tio to beware the Tio nationalizing, way before there was a problem known about it. It didn't feel right to me.

Let Sonia send you a list of vehicles she has done and you judge it yourself. I'm sure she will let you contact her customers for their opinions.

cell: 044-415-106- 1499
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OK, some vehicles Sonia has nationalized including non-Nafta. There is a web site where the VINs can be checked. I think Spencer posted that link.























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But, Joco, Sonia and that J cars can be nationalized are 2 different things. One does not depend on the other. Sure would like you to tell us who sent you the PM. :( Better yet, post it.

I don't understand what you mean by "Sonia and that J cars can be nationalized are 2 different things."

I'm not posting a PM from a moderator. Don't you think I would be banned for that? I was told "No Advertising" and not to post Sonia's information. Why do you need to know who told me that?

I asked Sonia if she has nationalized any Lakeside vehicles and this is her response:

We have one in progress from Jocotopec that should be done soon.

the ones done or in progress are from

SMA, Manzanillo, Troncones. Zihuatanejo, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, Merida, plus others in various parts of Quintana Roo

58 in total

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In May, of LAST YEAR, the lawyer at one of the large customs broker at the airport Aase Corp wrote:

Hello good
diaen this moment no legalization just regulation of vehicle so that you can bring plates of authorized movement of Jalisco the cost of the process of your vehicle is 23,500.00 pesos


Also two other Mexican businessmen, in the car business, told me that the car dealers can regularize/nationalize trade in vehicles as can companies which are licensed to seize vehicles. It is possible to sell them a vehicle, they clean the title, and then sell it back to you (or upgrade to a newer model). How else do you explain the many thousands of foreign made vehicles running around Mexico with legal State plates?

ps. this was the same broker who nationalized at the Guadalajara airport.

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