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Bruno was one of Ajijic's pioneer restauranteurs.


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This is Vicki's e-mail address. Vicki Sclisizzi <vsclisizzi@yahoo.com>

Normally I would not post someone's e-mail address on-line, but this is the address she uses to notify people of the specials, so I know that she will not mind if people send condolences there (and she does read replies to this address.)

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Thanks for sharing the email, I've sent her a private message.

I just talked with Bruno a couple of Saturdays ago when I called in an order for "pick up". Such a dear, sweet and hard working man. He will be missed...


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I used to sit with Bruno many mornings at the donut shop. Neither one of us fit in with the other group that used to hang there in the morning, maybe 8 or 9 years ago. He also kindly came to our B&B and offered our cook suggestions.

RIP Bruno

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I am also very upset to hear of Bruno's passing. My thoughts are with Vickie and her son Keltin and other family members. I first met Bruno in Toronto in the 60's when Bruno had a hairdressing school in the Yorkville area. As a young U of T student, I was a frequent visitor to his business as a volunteer client. Five years ago I met Bruno after many, many decades. We enjoyed talking about the "old days" and all his adventures. It was my great fortune to have been re-united with this truly wonderful man. We will all miss you my friend! God bless you!

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For those who are interested, here is an excerpt from an article I wrote last year about Bruno's for Focus on Mexico's monthly newsletter -- the title was: BRUNO'S RESTAURANT -- THREE GENERATIONS CREATING EXCELLENCE

"So what is their secret? Mainly the fact that it is a family-­owned establishment and run by three generations of restaurateurs.
Bruno moved here from San Miguel de Allende in the late­-80’s (more on that later). Vicki, his daughter, and Kelton, his grandson,
manage the day-­to-­day operations of the restaurant and insist on the same high quality food and service this fine restaurant has
offered for over 20 years. Bruno had his share of medical challenges and for a few years the restaurant suffered, but Vicki
picked up the slack and got it back on track so now it is better than ever.
Bruno is a man who knows how to make money and make things work ­­and like many of that ilk he has had his shares of "ups and
downs" living that type of life. He moved to San Miguel de Allende from Toronto after retiring at 40 years old. He was drawn to the
equestrian lifestyle that San Miguel provided and after a number of years of consulting with restaurants grew bored and opened his
own. It was known as El Circo and was very popular in San Miguel for not only the excellent food, but waiters and waitresses that
performed during dinner. Like so many stories you hear here in Mexico, after three years the landlord decided to triple the rent and
Bruno moved here in the late­-80s. True to form, Bruno decided not to play that game and moved on to greener pastures on Lake
Chapala (pun intended).
Some will still remember Bruno's roadside barbecue stand west of Ajijic where the infamous ribs a la Bruno were first sold. Later the
restaurant he now occupies became available and he bought it, expanded his menu, and the rest is history."
I hope you enjoyed this little vignette of Bruno's life......dancing queen
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So sad to hear but on my last visit to Ajijic 2 years ago, he was in such pain it was hard to see him in that condition. Over a span 12 years he was my favourite coffee shop buddy. He loved to challenge the Republicans ( our friend Bill, in particular ) but I will always remember him for his Baseball Size fillet steak and the amazing Baked potato. On one occasion we had friends from Canada come down for a visit and a stop at Bruno's was automatic. My buddy had the steak, as did I, and he ate the entire potato before he even touched the steak. Once he started he just couldn't stop. Ajijic has lost a truly unique individual and we have all lost a great friend. My condolences to Vicki and her son. RIP Bruno.

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