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Chapala Parking Meter Victory


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Well...sort of.

In December the Supreme Court ruled that the clause in Chapala's contract with MK-COMERS that allowed them to boot cars is unconstitutional . They can't take your plates either. They can still write a ticket but they have no way to enforce payment.

On an unofficial note....I have a friend who is a launchero. He tells me that the president (of Chapala) has told them that they can still keep the banner up, but they can NOT beat up the parking meter guys anymore, or remove tickets from cars.

Page 10 of today's edition of "La Pagina"


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I posted the Supreme Court case on the anti parquimetros Facebook page in December and the ruling is from a case in Cuautla, Morelos and the news item said the local company will respect the court decision here in Chapala.


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