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Need a quality pool cover

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Go Solar one of directors on the board of the development I'm talking about told me that they were unhappy with the solar rings and they wanted a solid cover. So I'm not speaking for others but just reporting what the B of D is thinking.

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Please be aware that the greatest majority of heat loss in any pool is due to evaporation. Almost any cover that prevents that will make a big difference to your heating costs.  At Lakeside we seem to have lovely cooling breezes most of the night every night, so it is imperative to close your pool each night.  Our pool is app 10m x 7m (30 x 20") and our heat pump runs very little if at all when the cover is used regularly.


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1.   I've found the cheaper, thinner bubble covers last longer.  The "high quality" cover lasted two years, the one I paid $100 for in the U.S. four years ago is still in service.  Will probably go one more year and I have another stored and waiting.

2.  I wash the cover down as it is reeled in a few times during the season.  Makes for a cleaner pool and longer life of the cover.

3.  The last time of use clean it more thoroughly, allow it to dry off and then store on the reel with a separate protective cover.

4.  Normally we don't use the pool from about mid November through January.  This year last part of October well into February.

Pool is 13 x 35 feet.  Eight Israeli panels 8 x 3, applied less than optimally.  Over 20 years old will be replacing soon


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The round solar rings are not worth the money that they cost.  We found that they lasted 2 years if you were very lucky and that any holes that developed were practically impossible to repair.  Both the side ring and the inflatable center of the solar rings were susceptible to developing holes and subsequently filling with water.  Square solar pool heaters ('rings') were easily locally manufactured and at a low cost for our complex pool and have proved to be far better than any we have seen commercially available.  PM for further details.  I will post a photo tomorrow (Thursday).

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5 minutes ago, Mainecoons said:

Rings or squares, looks like a lot more work than the several minutes it takes me to crank my cover out of the pool.


But the squares look "cool".

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On 12/30/2013 at 6:58 PM, eagles100 said:

We have a 10' x 30' rectangular pool and need a cover for it.

We finally put in solar panels and as soon as CFE decides to change our meter, we'll be able to afford to put the pool pump on for a lot more time per day to heat up the water.

I've seen older threads on people looking for pool covers and some of you resorted to buying them in the US. We're Canadians so it's not so easy, I presume. We don't plan on going to the US other than going through, to get to Canada and that won't be for a while for sure.

Did anyone find a supplier of QUALITY pool covers either Lakeside or in Guadalajara?

I know there was talk of 15 mil covers.

We'd appreciate your input. Thanks

I have been buying the heavy duty covers from Home Solutions just east of Superlake. for several years. My cover is 85M².  I got a new one in October 2018 replacing one from 2013 so I am getting 5 years use. My pool is currently 90° F but I keep it covered. The heavy cover last much longer than the lighter one.  It takes a roller to handle it though.

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