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Well, ckelly, it appears you got a bargain because I was charged $1250 pesos for the same thing and my hair is very short. All I had in my purse was $1220 pesos and she said that would be fine (there were several people in the salon and it was a little embarrassing). Anyway, I told her that I was not expecting that much of a bill and that I did not have enough to pay nor was there anything for a tip .... so, I really needed to go over to the bank and get some more money. She insisted that $1220 was sufficient and since I fully agreed with her, I gave it to her and left. As you can see from above, I strongly recommended this hair dresser .... until I now don't. I wound up with the same thing happening as with other salons. The last time she cut my hair in all the wrong places and I came out with, once again, the thin spot not having enough hair left to cover it ... very, very disappointing. Plus, when I went in I told her that I had very much enjoyed the last hair cut and I was really enjoying having the fullness over my ears and around because it looked so much better than so short. She promptly cut every bit of fullness that had grown and I came out looking like Sponge Bob with a hole in the top. Never again. No excuse. I was the only customer there at the time.

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Luke, that's disappointing news, I hope she doesn't price herself out of the market. So far I've been very happy with Theresa Marie, although I too have

noticed her costs inching higher.

The same thing happened with James Don salon,very reasonable in the early days, but I stopped going when I was charged the equivalent of $100 US. for a cut and a not very good coloring job. From now on I'll ask the price beforehand.

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