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Where to have photos printed.


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Last time I checked, 10 cm x 15 cm is the same as 4" x 6 " and I get them at Farmacia Guad all the time.

However, there is a slight catch. If your digital (camera) is like mine, the image it stores (I use Picassa ) MIGHT be a little larger edge to edge one way or the other. So the trick is to take a photo a little larger than planned, and then use the editing feature of their machine prior to selecting each print.

I know this may read as confusing, so if you want to talk about this more, send me a PM with phone number.

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I will check out Quattro tomorrow morning. No problem with Spanish so may be I will be lucky and can get them tomorrow, if not it is back at Farmacia Guadalajara. I think the clerk there probably thought I was speaking about inches since I am a foreigner.

A friend of mine told me to go there and they took me by surprise when they told me they could not do it It was late so I left figuring out I would find out about other places but tomorrow is the dead line and I have to send them DHL so if Quattro cannot do it I will use them the next time.

Thanks for both recommendations.

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